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Release Shows - Leipzig/Budweis/Dresden/Prague

First stop good old Leipzig//Atari.

We teamed up with our friends of „Alien Placenta“. A band I really suggest you should check out if you are a fan of D-beat, fast forward riffs, distorted baselines from outer-space and female vocals yelling at the top of their lungs. Great band, great people! „All Unser Rot“ high five!

THX Atari and the crew cuz not only have we been served one piece of best vegan supper, we also got one fine apple strudel that really went beyond the scope of what bands like us deserve…muahahaha…. =P

Back in the van heading south towards czech republic. 

Worst case scenario - The singer of Taras Bullba unfortunately had to call in sick for the whole weekend.

What a pity. I would have loved to see this band playing live again. 

Arriving in „Budweis“- yes that´s where the beer is from - first thing to happen is that we found our name misspelled. you may now call us „Wee will fly“ ;)

Kredance Prostor is a nice place to be, not very punkish but fancy in way at least I liked ;)

Autonoé hit it hard! Bad Religion meets Minor Threat! No Control and Out of step! 

Unfortunately they didn´t have any recorded material but I was told there will be some soon.

Definitely a band to keep in mind for some bookers and promoters!! 

Well after the show we did what we´re best at: Partying hard in some local bars, getting to know the place.

THX to my brother we had a good place to stay…and again we stayed up until… uhmm… late talking some sugar into life!

First time Dresden! I still don´t get why we never went there before. I mean, after nearly 10 years of existence?  Sure, we also never got invited but anyways…we could have imposed ourselves some more =P

Well and of course the same day Baretta Love had a gig just a few blocks away, so we sort of split the audience but nevertheless we had a big crowd to deliver for and we did. One fine show we had!

Check out „Living Targets“, that´s one promising band, I am telling you. 

And to all of you who are into electro-party-dance-rock-I-don´t-know-how-to-describe-that-MUSIC enjoy the fabulous „Ravetology“ Actually the name is quite self-explanatory already =P

Made my day/night and prepared us for what was coming next! 

MUAHAHAHAHA… Well, someone said something about a house-party and we thought there might be some people chillaxing on a couch with some vinyls on..but no! We happened to be in Dresden on the very day some association is throwing a massiv house-destruction party in favor for all hedonistic fuck ups like us!

What a blast! Colors, beats, riddles, mazes and happy-Hippie faces everywhere! 

We drove back to Prague and played a nice little concert for some familiar faces and two third of Taras Bullba who came along to at least see us once on the tour they missed. The show was good but we for sure still suffered from the apocalypse the day before! =P

So.. actually this weekend has been the most intense by now, but words really can´t describe it well enough, you gotta read between the lines.

THX to: Franzi, Danny, Richy, Radek for putting up the shows! 

Cheers, Paul

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Release Shows - Köln/Rotenburg


So… we had an incredibly fun time in Köln!!

First of all we were touring with Baretta Love - lots of laughs and good times guaranteed. After six hours trapped in the van playing playstation like we were addicted 16 year old kids again (of course WWF won it all) we finally arrived at the AZ Köln, all frozen and tantalized by the tightness. 

We had a band called „Starry“ from Essen starting the show who really struck me with their melodic punk tunes and raw but perfectly harmonic voices… still my favorite sound! Totally worth checking out! Also they definitely have the better penguin-shirt, which of course is a shame considering the penguin being our mascot for over 9 years now! Nice shirt, nice LP! Unfortunately I missed out on „Bluthirnschranke“ as I was talking to some old friends from Köln. I just remember them having an old little TV showing their Logo, which I found pretty cool. Up next we had Baretta Love loving the shit out of A minor, C Major to G major and back to A Minor again, with a little F power chord once in a while bringing me back to the beauty of 

1 2 3 4 rock ´n roll after listening way too much electro stuff within the past year. And I really can´t wait until they have their new album out, cuz the new stuff is pretty stunning. Incredible new grooves and lovely new song structures plus some riffs I am jealous of! ;) 

So far so good… As having four bands in one night always takes a toll we had to face a little less people than the bands before but the atmosphere was not in the slightest less sparkling or hot!

Even though last weekends shows were quite cool already the penny dropped just the second we started hitting it that night! We had an amazing, and in our opinion, pretty good WWF-concert, also due to the surprisingly good sound. We were quite happy having the honor to be the last guests rocking this sweet house-project called AZ. - They are moving to some new place, good luck in advance, hope to be your guests soon again! 

Big thanks goes out to Butzke and his team for putting up the show and even outplay it with this „DJ-Iphone“-80ies after show party! Did anyone took pix of the Limbo dancing? =)



Well, some of us of course didn´t sleep that much, cuz we had to listen to all Foo Fighters stuff there is…until the sun came up. But eventually we had to get up, crawl back into the van and drive to Rotenburg. 

Up front, The Villa - Rotenburg really is one of my most favorite places to be invited to and play shows ..ever! 

Sure, one might think „Yeah that´s what you are probably saying about all the places you go to“ - but no! Speaking for myself: What those people achieved & created is one of the most amazing places I ever been to, even the new Villa is far beyond what I imagined to built with my folks once we´re old, running a big house with a cellar for bands to play and our friends to hang out. And even better than the place is the people running it and taking care of each other in a way I simply feel home every time I am there. I wish I had more than two but I don´t, so: TWO THUMBS UP!

We arrived, set up our stuff, dined heavenly and all of a sudden the show had started already.

What was even better about the Baretta Love show this time, was that the Villa had a new and quite good PA which made it possible to turn up the vocals louder than one is used to at regular punk shows, so I could finally hear my Baby-Philies sweet little surfy fragile love voice singing. =))) 

Only two bands that night… so we were ON again, as satisfying as the day before. 

Even though I remember that there has been a after show party going on, everything in my mind gets blurry when I try to recall what was going on exactly. Well, I woke up lying on the stage (well, there was no real stage, just the floor with a carpet) after a few hours of knock out… cold. cold. cold. But as I was told it had been quite good fun =P

Next day it took us quite long to hit back home… it was just waaaaay toooooo cosy being curled up in those luxury villa beds. 

Oh… and I was wearing regular pants that weekend!! ;)

What a nice trip!

Thank you Buzzzz and Ole! 

Hugs and hearts to Fabi, Chris & Philie for making music and sharing stages! 

Yours, Paul

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Release Shows - Berlin/Hamburg

We are officially "released"...
In a sense that it really feels like dropping some kind of weight off our shoulders, we´ve been carrying with us for quite a long time. After four loooooOOOOOOooooong years of rearrangements and hold ups we feel light and fresh to start a new chapter with our new stuff. Thanks to everyone who took part in this!

Berlin // Scherer 8

Of course the show did not start in time, but therefore it lastest longer than expected and we had more people over at the far away "Wedding" then we thought would appear, considering that Beatsteaks were playing and some of our befriended bands were touring themselves.
I became a huge fan of "I like ambulance" that night- you should really go to one of their shows, once you have the opportunity, it´s hopelessly romantic and technically stunning and I really dig their style!
Unfortunately I have been quite too busy talking with all the people who came out to our big night, so I missed most of "Blowfuse"´s gig, but the 3 songs I saw, truly made me love my Ibanez guitar again and I got teleported back to the 90ies with a smile all over my face...! Also I didn´t get to talk that much to the guys but I think when a band is collectively dancing to Sublime they must be pretty easy and nice! ;)
The first steps with the new songs mostly followed the right path, except for some little flaws here and there we were quite cool with how we delivered. ;)  But most importantly we had a fun night with our dearest!
Maybe we´ll meet the rest of the Berliners on 18.01.2015 on our show at "Cortina Bob" when the Set is perfected and the vinyl has arrived. ... Yes, as it usually happens to be: We didn´t get the vinyl in time so we only had some CDs and shirts with us. Expecting the delivery right before X-MESS! 

Hamburg // Fährstrasse 

So the Party at Scherer went on until like 5 a.m and we had to get up at 12 to hit the road to Hamburg by 2 p.m.
We took a bunch of friends and a hitchhiker with us, pretty nice guy! Had some interesting chats about crazy audio devices he´s building, but I forgot all of it, as I am one of those people who barely can change a light ball without blowing up the house. The van was crowded but thanks to "PromRIde" we had one of the biggest and finest road ships Berlin`s car rentals have to offer which made it a relaxing fun ride. 
Fährstrasse (Fähr-street) inhabits two tiny nice house projects. All the people we met were sweet to their bones, very friendly and forthcoming. We got fed properly with some kick ass chili. Sure, there is always chili on tour...but it´s not always worth mentioning. This one most def. is!!  Hamburg also surprised us with a load of old faces we haven´t seen in a while. Plus, we had the honor to play with the sweet people of "The Detectors" finally again. Actually the last show we played together was 2012, so we were kinda very happy to share the stage with them again.

There is so much more to tell, but I slept like 3 hours and I can barely see the letters anymore right now... =P 
So, We´ll keep you updated on how the new stuff and touring is coming.
Next week we´ll be on the road in "Köln" and "Rotenburg" with "Baretta Love" Great Rock n roll! Check em out!

For now: Thanks to Yannig, Anica, Thomas and V. 
Hugs and hearts to all our friends who came out to see us.
and some special thanks to Milan and Dominik for joining our road team and helping out! <3

Have a good one! Paul ;)

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*BAAAM* !!! Huge announcement !!!

We are proud and happy to officially announce that we have joined the families of two amazing labels led by great people! 

Fond Of Life Records & Inredible Noise Records http://www.incredible-noise.de/ will be releasing our upcoming album "Complexity Is Not Chaos" in late November 2014. 

Thank you Manu and Joe for your help and trust! 

Happy to be on board!

We also wanna thank Infected Records DIY and 5FeetUnder Records for supporting this release!

„Complexity Is Not Chaos“ will be available as LP, CD & Download. 

Stay tuned for news about Pre-Listenings, Pre-Sales, Tours, Videos and many many more stuff!

Lots of love – We Will Fly

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1st official homepage

Hi, this is Horn sitting at Pauls working hard on our new homepage ... nice reguards from the living room on the 5th floor Berlin NeuKölln...

Hi, hier Horn aus Pauls Wohnung. Wir basteln an unserer neuen Homepage... Liebe Grüße aus dem Wohnzimmer im 5. Stock Berlin Neukölln...

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