Release Shows - Leipzig/Budweis/Dresden/Prague

First stop good old Leipzig//Atari.

We teamed up with our friends of „Alien Placenta“. A band I really suggest you should check out if you are a fan of D-beat, fast forward riffs, distorted baselines from outer-space and female vocals yelling at the top of their lungs. Great band, great people! „All Unser Rot“ high five!

THX Atari and the crew cuz not only have we been served one piece of best vegan supper, we also got one fine apple strudel that really went beyond the scope of what bands like us deserve…muahahaha…. =P

Back in the van heading south towards czech republic. 

Worst case scenario - The singer of Taras Bullba unfortunately had to call in sick for the whole weekend.

What a pity. I would have loved to see this band playing live again. 

Arriving in „Budweis“- yes that´s where the beer is from - first thing to happen is that we found our name misspelled. you may now call us „Wee will fly“ ;)

Kredance Prostor is a nice place to be, not very punkish but fancy in way at least I liked ;)

Autonoé hit it hard! Bad Religion meets Minor Threat! No Control and Out of step! 

Unfortunately they didn´t have any recorded material but I was told there will be some soon.

Definitely a band to keep in mind for some bookers and promoters!! 

Well after the show we did what we´re best at: Partying hard in some local bars, getting to know the place.

THX to my brother we had a good place to stay…and again we stayed up until… uhmm… late talking some sugar into life!

First time Dresden! I still don´t get why we never went there before. I mean, after nearly 10 years of existence?  Sure, we also never got invited but anyways…we could have imposed ourselves some more =P

Well and of course the same day Baretta Love had a gig just a few blocks away, so we sort of split the audience but nevertheless we had a big crowd to deliver for and we did. One fine show we had!

Check out „Living Targets“, that´s one promising band, I am telling you. 

And to all of you who are into electro-party-dance-rock-I-don´t-know-how-to-describe-that-MUSIC enjoy the fabulous „Ravetology“ Actually the name is quite self-explanatory already =P

Made my day/night and prepared us for what was coming next! 

MUAHAHAHAHA… Well, someone said something about a house-party and we thought there might be some people chillaxing on a couch with some vinyls on..but no! We happened to be in Dresden on the very day some association is throwing a massiv house-destruction party in favor for all hedonistic fuck ups like us!

What a blast! Colors, beats, riddles, mazes and happy-Hippie faces everywhere! 

We drove back to Prague and played a nice little concert for some familiar faces and two third of Taras Bullba who came along to at least see us once on the tour they missed. The show was good but we for sure still suffered from the apocalypse the day before! =P

So.. actually this weekend has been the most intense by now, but words really can´t describe it well enough, you gotta read between the lines.

THX to: Franzi, Danny, Richy, Radek for putting up the shows! 

Cheers, Paul

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