Release Shows - Köln/Rotenburg


So… we had an incredibly fun time in Köln!!

First of all we were touring with Baretta Love - lots of laughs and good times guaranteed. After six hours trapped in the van playing playstation like we were addicted 16 year old kids again (of course WWF won it all) we finally arrived at the AZ Köln, all frozen and tantalized by the tightness. 

We had a band called „Starry“ from Essen starting the show who really struck me with their melodic punk tunes and raw but perfectly harmonic voices… still my favorite sound! Totally worth checking out! Also they definitely have the better penguin-shirt, which of course is a shame considering the penguin being our mascot for over 9 years now! Nice shirt, nice LP! Unfortunately I missed out on „Bluthirnschranke“ as I was talking to some old friends from Köln. I just remember them having an old little TV showing their Logo, which I found pretty cool. Up next we had Baretta Love loving the shit out of A minor, C Major to G major and back to A Minor again, with a little F power chord once in a while bringing me back to the beauty of 

1 2 3 4 rock ´n roll after listening way too much electro stuff within the past year. And I really can´t wait until they have their new album out, cuz the new stuff is pretty stunning. Incredible new grooves and lovely new song structures plus some riffs I am jealous of! ;) 

So far so good… As having four bands in one night always takes a toll we had to face a little less people than the bands before but the atmosphere was not in the slightest less sparkling or hot!

Even though last weekends shows were quite cool already the penny dropped just the second we started hitting it that night! We had an amazing, and in our opinion, pretty good WWF-concert, also due to the surprisingly good sound. We were quite happy having the honor to be the last guests rocking this sweet house-project called AZ. - They are moving to some new place, good luck in advance, hope to be your guests soon again! 

Big thanks goes out to Butzke and his team for putting up the show and even outplay it with this „DJ-Iphone“-80ies after show party! Did anyone took pix of the Limbo dancing? =)



Well, some of us of course didn´t sleep that much, cuz we had to listen to all Foo Fighters stuff there is…until the sun came up. But eventually we had to get up, crawl back into the van and drive to Rotenburg. 

Up front, The Villa - Rotenburg really is one of my most favorite places to be invited to and play shows ..ever! 

Sure, one might think „Yeah that´s what you are probably saying about all the places you go to“ - but no! Speaking for myself: What those people achieved & created is one of the most amazing places I ever been to, even the new Villa is far beyond what I imagined to built with my folks once we´re old, running a big house with a cellar for bands to play and our friends to hang out. And even better than the place is the people running it and taking care of each other in a way I simply feel home every time I am there. I wish I had more than two but I don´t, so: TWO THUMBS UP!

We arrived, set up our stuff, dined heavenly and all of a sudden the show had started already.

What was even better about the Baretta Love show this time, was that the Villa had a new and quite good PA which made it possible to turn up the vocals louder than one is used to at regular punk shows, so I could finally hear my Baby-Philies sweet little surfy fragile love voice singing. =))) 

Only two bands that night… so we were ON again, as satisfying as the day before. 

Even though I remember that there has been a after show party going on, everything in my mind gets blurry when I try to recall what was going on exactly. Well, I woke up lying on the stage (well, there was no real stage, just the floor with a carpet) after a few hours of knock out… cold. cold. cold. But as I was told it had been quite good fun =P

Next day it took us quite long to hit back home… it was just waaaaay toooooo cosy being curled up in those luxury villa beds. 

Oh… and I was wearing regular pants that weekend!! ;)

What a nice trip!

Thank you Buzzzz and Ole! 

Hugs and hearts to Fabi, Chris & Philie for making music and sharing stages! 

Yours, Paul

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