Release Shows - Berlin/Hamburg

We are officially "released"...
In a sense that it really feels like dropping some kind of weight off our shoulders, we´ve been carrying with us for quite a long time. After four loooooOOOOOOooooong years of rearrangements and hold ups we feel light and fresh to start a new chapter with our new stuff. Thanks to everyone who took part in this!

Berlin // Scherer 8

Of course the show did not start in time, but therefore it lastest longer than expected and we had more people over at the far away "Wedding" then we thought would appear, considering that Beatsteaks were playing and some of our befriended bands were touring themselves.
I became a huge fan of "I like ambulance" that night- you should really go to one of their shows, once you have the opportunity, it´s hopelessly romantic and technically stunning and I really dig their style!
Unfortunately I have been quite too busy talking with all the people who came out to our big night, so I missed most of "Blowfuse"´s gig, but the 3 songs I saw, truly made me love my Ibanez guitar again and I got teleported back to the 90ies with a smile all over my face...! Also I didn´t get to talk that much to the guys but I think when a band is collectively dancing to Sublime they must be pretty easy and nice! ;)
The first steps with the new songs mostly followed the right path, except for some little flaws here and there we were quite cool with how we delivered. ;)  But most importantly we had a fun night with our dearest!
Maybe we´ll meet the rest of the Berliners on 18.01.2015 on our show at "Cortina Bob" when the Set is perfected and the vinyl has arrived. ... Yes, as it usually happens to be: We didn´t get the vinyl in time so we only had some CDs and shirts with us. Expecting the delivery right before X-MESS! 

Hamburg // Fährstrasse 

So the Party at Scherer went on until like 5 a.m and we had to get up at 12 to hit the road to Hamburg by 2 p.m.
We took a bunch of friends and a hitchhiker with us, pretty nice guy! Had some interesting chats about crazy audio devices he´s building, but I forgot all of it, as I am one of those people who barely can change a light ball without blowing up the house. The van was crowded but thanks to "PromRIde" we had one of the biggest and finest road ships Berlin`s car rentals have to offer which made it a relaxing fun ride. 
Fährstrasse (Fähr-street) inhabits two tiny nice house projects. All the people we met were sweet to their bones, very friendly and forthcoming. We got fed properly with some kick ass chili. Sure, there is always chili on tour...but it´s not always worth mentioning. This one most def. is!!  Hamburg also surprised us with a load of old faces we haven´t seen in a while. Plus, we had the honor to play with the sweet people of "The Detectors" finally again. Actually the last show we played together was 2012, so we were kinda very happy to share the stage with them again.

There is so much more to tell, but I slept like 3 hours and I can barely see the letters anymore right now... =P 
So, We´ll keep you updated on how the new stuff and touring is coming.
Next week we´ll be on the road in "Köln" and "Rotenburg" with "Baretta Love" Great Rock n roll! Check em out!

For now: Thanks to Yannig, Anica, Thomas and V. 
Hugs and hearts to all our friends who came out to see us.
and some special thanks to Milan and Dominik for joining our road team and helping out! <3

Have a good one! Paul ;)

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